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Sky Betting & Gaming is a British-based Canadian gambling company, owned by The Stars Group, with headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire and offices in Sheffield, London, Guernsey, Rome and Germany. Sky Betting & Gaming consists of six core brands: Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, Sky Bingo and Sky Lotto. It also owns online betting odds comparison site Oddschecker.

A former employee mentioned, "Other reviews point to favouritism and I cannot stress how rampant that is at Sky Betting & Gaming; promotions are purely based on favouritism and are nothing to do with competency or hard work, to add insult to this is that promotions are usually "secondments" with no increase in pay or benefits and you'll be bumped back down the ladder at the drop of a hat. I was removed from my position after an employee accused me of racism, it took 3 months for management to look into it only for me to be told in passing conversation that nothing camd of it and the accusation was baseless - I did not get reinstated to my promtion position. Any vacant higher positions were simply given to one single employee without question which angered myself and other staff yet all accusations of favouritism were shot down. If you have an opinion that goes against contact centre shift managers prepare to be actively victimised, while in the position I mentioned above, one of the shift managers proceeded to tell me that she despised one of the individual contact centre advisors. During one busy month (Cheltenham month) I was assigned phone duties for the full month, as bonus is scored on chat duty alone this meant I could not acheive bonus that month - complaints fell on deaf ears. If you fall fould of shift manager attitudes then you get poor rotas, say goodby to ever getting 2 days in a row off and for 2 consecutive years I was assigned 4-midnight on new year's eve and 7-3 on new year's day.

Shift managers act like robots, my wife had received thd news that she could not conceive naturally and was distraught but I was not allowed to take half a day leave to be with her because there were calls queueing (there were 2 queueing at the time). This came a week after one person rang up at around 7pm on a friday to ask for the saturday off so he could attend a party, this saturday being a day with every sporting event taking place - their request was granted.

If you are off for more than a month with mental health issues, expect phone calls harassing you for doctors notes and visits to your home. This didn't affect me but I was asked to make said phone calls to one employee with severe anxiety issues.

The CEO Richard Flint and indeed, everyone else, has no interest in the contact centre and it's quite obvious that the CC is regarded as the lowest department by everyone in the business.

The pay is shocking compared to almost any other full time job and the 30 minute lunch is insulting."


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Ebony Thomas says

"I spend hundreds on this site to recieve a 5p loyalty bonus... 5p? Wth? xD Who on earth wants 5p. Jesus, this site is awful, eats up all your cash and can't even reward it's loyal users. Never depositing a penny into it again, and I suggest you don't either."

Me Cristian says

"I was playing for a few years this site, at first they was ok but now in the last year it became a joke. Nothing win at any spin... 2000 down only on the last 2 mounth. I will close my account, it s not worth it."

Robert Hartley says

"used to be a great site, not anymore, never anything interesting, the only bonuses i get are poxy 10p spins, doesnt make sense, i NEVER spin at tiny 10p spins."

Michelle Gill says

"Been playing sky Vegas for years,they used to be the best slots around for the amount of games and bonuses but the last few months no pay out on any slots even playing 20p a time just takes your money deffo the worse slots I would say needs looking into I think!!!!"

jamie mullis says

"Once you’ve won a few times they stop paying out, thousands of pounds wasted, even spoke to an insider and they all saying the games are rigged."

Anonymous says

"I have played sky Vegas for years. They used to be really good and always had great returns hence why I’ve always stuck with them.. The last few months have a been a joke! It’s all take and no give!! I have spent £500 in 2 days and won £54 back which didn’t quite cut it when I’m £1600 down in the last month. They never used to be like this debating closing my account down... They are rubbish now and as for the bonus the most I’ve ever won on that is 50p"

Anonymous says

"So after playing this site for 2 years as an experiment, sticking to only 2 games always at £1 per spin, I can prove I have wagered a little over £30,000. And over 100 000 spins. My winnings currently stands at £1867 so a loss of £28133, when I contacted sky Vegas to put this to them against the advertised 93% roi payout, what i was informed by the duty manager (which I have in email) in the gaming department was that you would need to conduct somewhere in the region of 1 million spins to achieve the stated roi. Who the hell will ever play a million spins? Dont see that in their advertising campaigns... avoid."

Paul says

"Don’t bother with these I joined deposited £20 lost it in a few seconds got the 200 free spins I won £7 and used that on the slots I won my money back and then withdrawn my money and they suspended my account they took my money of me so quickly without any questions when I was depositing but when I wanted to withdraw it I lost my account I get what’s going on with scams but why take money and not ask for any sort of I’d but when you win your money back they want to now you’re in and outs what a joke"

Review Man says

"Wish I had read these reviews first. Definitely rigged, not just a little bit either. Every possible outcome is premeditated against you. You have 20 on black jack against a 5? You better believe they’re getting a 6 and a 10. You go higher than a 3? They’re getting a 2. Bonuses are pathetic on slots also, £6 spins lucky if you get £60 on a bonus. They are milking you dry for as long as they can get away with it. Don’t waste your money."

Tracy Taylor says

"I was playing on pixi of the forest ..I got 5 purple pixis 2 at top and going down I was betting 6.60 pounds a pull .thay gave me 200 pounds it's supposed to be 1000 times the amount bet ..I'm still waiting for them to get back to me going to review it ...yes there a dodgy company very angry to be honest !!"

Feeeeerg says

"Their RTP is an absolute lie. The Gambling Commission need to have a good look at them. I had my account for 10 years, and I closed it the other day. Appaling casino."

Dinesh Rana says

"Great selection of games but like other gambling sites the games are fixed. Try playing in the lowest bet to enjoy and payout is not to bad either. But if you want to take the risk and bet higher you go home early. Have lost x5 more than I have withdrawn since starting playing but I do enjoy the games. It gets you frustrated at times as it don’t pay anything for ages. The promotions don’t even make sense. Should just give out 10 free spins regardless if you deposit £50 or more in a day. I keep getting sorry better luck tomorrow. If you think of becoming a millionaire playing here forget about it, you are wasting your time."

jon says

"slots have poor payout claim 90 percent rtp but that means you get 4p for 20p staking or 40p for pound . sky bet another company that advertise millions pounds per year of there players deposits bringing in even more players to make it more difficult for current players . this why they should ban gambling advertising on top this like many site they have games and slots attracted to kids , my nephew was trying to play a batman slot lucky i had no funds on i then see many other games like superman rick morty loads attracted to kids and underage gambling all these sites need go court with the useless gambling commision they need be taken out and banned completley for destroying lives and encouraging underage gambling."

Stephen McArdle says


Shane Guest says

"I have been using Sky Vegas for a while now, including Sky Bet, however, lately I am finding I am spending more and hardly getting anything back. I used to think sky were really good at paying out on slots but last few months have been shocking. The daily bonuses that sky offer are terrible too, having spent £100s a week to be given a 5p bonus is a kick in the teeth. I used to use sky bet all the time too but since they stopped offering best odds on extra place races it's making me use a different site now. Common sky its about time you start rewarding loyal customers a bit more."

Robert Chappell says

"robbed over 4 years 4k down never get bonuses anymore and payouts are fixed so you cant withdraw anything. Many Lawsuits coming there way i think.. Defo not properly regulated"

Joe Chambers says

"Spent £1800 within a month biggest win was 1 £100 100% pure scammers games are rigged few times game freeze then you see your number come out on roulette and they remove your bet"

Edward Charles guest says

"Been a sky member for over 8 years had no problem with withdrawals or depositing before but I won big on 29 Dec and now they have suspended,at first they said they were reviewing my account and required bank statements which I gave now they are doing management review which says takes up to 7-10 days so I don’t trust these one but let’s hope I get my winnings"

steve hart says

"sky vegas is by far the worse casino out there for rtp and gameplay for your deposits.... do not think for a miniut that because sky has a huge name that you will be getting a fair crack of the whip here,,,, you will find over a long period... mine over 5 yrs.. that the gameplay and bonus feature rounds are simply outrageous 1. to get and 2 . once you have done a thousand spins it will generaly only pay you the minimum it can.. even on high variance slots... btg novos etc... you can chase these bonus rounds for weeks on end then if you do get one it will pay between 10 and 20 x stake and then go absolutley dead as if its paid you 100 x 200 x stake... its disgusting that they are getting away with this based simply on the fact the name is huge.... they should be investigated fully but ukgc will not... if you make a complaint the account will be suspended and you will get little they arestill running a casino is beyond me but it may be that they are paying out too much in free bets or losing sports bets and are re couping these funds via the casino slots etc... this is over a long period of time and is getting worse the last 2 years as many players have noticed...disgusting site stay away if you want some value for your deposit then maybe try elsewhere as you will not get any value from skyvegas"

Muckin Fuddled says

"Free spins is a joke never win anything or if on the rare occasion you do it's never more than 10p😒 waste of time."

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